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Empowering Women through English Language

Education is key to improve an individuals’ well-being and economic and social development. Volunteer Society Nepal has been helping a group of women from Pepsicola Town Planning┬Ł and its community in Kathmandu. The women learn to read, write and speak in English language and also get lessons about computer knowledge. We have named this empowerment and literacy program simply the Women Center Nepal.

English Language Training

The women at the center get Basic English language education from several international volunteer teachers and two Nepalese teachers. The computer class has been suspended for the time being due to the extended power shedding by the concerning authority. The ladies love to learn from international volunteers and the volunteers love to teach them. The ladies and the volunteers share lots of things including cultures, language & culinary arts.

Volunteering at the Women Center

We regularly have opportunities to work hand in hand with the volunteers from different nations as well as from different walks of life. We had teaching supports from Zijian Ruan from China, Dr. Daniella Laureiro Martinez from Republic of Colombia, Mariette Stoffels from The Netherlands, Sharni Testa from Australia, Erica De Zan from Italy, Devon Gulbransden from USA, Ayla Bongaertz from The Netherlands.

Over the past years, we have seen incredible impact through this literacy class. The classes doesn’t just teach them ABCs and few spoken & written words/sentences. They present themselves with confidence and ambition. Literacy doesn’t just open doors for these Nepalese women, it obliterates barriers as well.

For more information about volunteering at the center please visit our page here.

Volunteer in Nepal - Volunteering in Nepal at Women's Center

Volunteering in Nepal - Teaching at Women's Center

Volunteer in Nepal - Volunteering in Nepal at Women's Center