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Sponsor A Child In Nepal

Child Sponsorship in Nepal is very much needed. Two-third of Nepal’s children are severely deprived and 40% live in absolute poverty. This is due to a decade long civil war and political instability. Children are deprived of their basic right to education due to poverty, underdevelopment, mass illiteracy and socioeconomic problems. Socioeconomic problems are child labor, girl trafficking, bonded labor and discrimination against female children. Many families lack sufficient resources, both physical and social, making their children more vulnerable to illiteracy and poverty.

Major indicators

  • 33% of children live below the poverty line.
  • 40% of children are deprived of 2 out of 7 basic human needs eg. sanitation, information, shelter, water, food, education and health.
  • 7% of children defecate in open spaces.
  • 41% of rural children are underweight and 51% stunted growth through malnutrition.
  • Under-5 mortality rate is 65/1000 live births.
  • Infant mortality rate is 51/1000 live births.

Volunteer Society Nepal dedicates itself to social development through supporting the family unit by providing social service resources and financial/material assistance, enabling the children to access their basic right of education.

Why Child Sponsorship Nepal

Your sponsorship will directly enable children to take advantage of alternative opportunities and break the cycle of oppression. Sponsoring a child from Nepal is a rewarding and heart-full experience. The sponsorship gives each child the chance to get the maximum level of school education that is available in Nepal. This gives them a better grounding in English and the main subjects required for college and further education. It is a real chance to make their future brighter.

Why sponsor through education

Education is a main priority to create long-term options for the future of the children. This sponsorship gives you the opportunity to really experience the difference you can make by helping one person. To have a life opportunity they would not otherwise have. It also gives the child the chance to have a friend who cares about their future and well-being. Imagine how it can feel to have someone thinking about you and your welfare; even if they are far away.

Make a difference by sponsoring a child in Nepal

This category of sponsorship provides the opportunity to a child within the family network, to study full-time in a private school (the school year starts in April), and provides support for expenses such as tuition fees, educational materials, examination materials etc. These expenses are out of reach for many families in Nepal. Volunteer Society Nepal provides support for the child and their family, by means of parental support groups and a social worker, who will regularly visit both the school and the home. Your commitment will provide this for one of these children. We request a minimum of a three-year commitment, to encourage a stable environment for the family.

How much does it costs to sponsor a child from Nepal?

It costs 500 euro per year to sponsor a child in a private school.

What does cover?

The sponsorship covers the cost of the school fees, school uniforms, books, pens, school outings, incidental costs, and lunches. It will also cover one full medical check up per year and one set of casual clothes. For the ‘babies’ and pre-school children the sponsorship covers pre-school (baby school) and extras such as nappies and additional medical support as required.

Many children in Nepal are deprived of attention, homework help, and good nutrition, as their families are poor and do not have the time nor money to support them. When their school day ends, these children return to their homes and spend the rest of the day taking care of their fellow siblings or roaming the streets. Most of these children end up leaving school early and finding work as child laborers in restaurants, factories and hotels, and as trash collectors. Most of these children are going to government schools within which the standard of education is lower, the parents cannot pay the expensive fees for private schools.

The program

To help these children to further develop themselves, Volunteer Society Nepal offers them an After School Program that offers the opportunity to get guidance with their homework, explore their own ideas, create through art, connect through music, dance, and play games.

The children that go to the After School Program are sponsored by donors. Sponsors receive letters from their child twice a year, as well as photographs and information about the child’s academic progress.
There are many more potential children than we can currently serve. Sponsors are greatly needed. We encourage you to consider sponsoring a child.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child for the After School Program?

Your sponsorship of 500 euro will pay all of a child’s After School Program for a year.

We support children through vocational training and job placement who could not continue formal education. For the first step, children will engage in basic preparation training includes: English language, basic writing, reading and speaking, life skills: goal setting, decision making, self esteem development, personal health care, self-help practice: group work, meeting and discussion skills. For the second step, children will receive specialized training based on their interest and job opportunity. There many courses in specialized training organizations, which are available for the youths in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The cost covers training and monitoring for the youth, and a small loan for self employment to run a business. Job opportunities include: Beauty Therapy, Handicraft Making, Trekking Guide, Waitress, Food & Beverage Services, House Keeping, Electro-Mechanics, Photography, Plumbing, Sewing and Netting, Secretarial Service, Fabric Painting and Wiring etc.

VSN will:

  1. Send bi-annual and annual updates (bi-annual report will be sent in December and Annual reports will be sent in May) relating to your child’s progress and welfare, health, social and family situation.
  2. Inform you of any change in the child/families circumstances.
  3. Update Volunteer Society Nepal’s progress and plan.

The Sponsor will:

  1. Commitment to at least three years of educational sponsorship.
  2. Inform Volunteer Society Nepal 6 months prior to the termination of sponsorship, and immediately in the event of an emergency.
  3. Update your contact address including email and telephone number to Volunteer Society Nepal.

Take an opportunity to make a difference in lives of children in Nepal. Send an email to: contact@volunteersocietynepal.org