Volunteer Society Nepal : The best experience for volunteers, the best value for Nepal.

About Us

Volunteer Society Nepal is founded on a dream. That brave and generous volunteers from across all backgrounds from Nepal and abroad could work together. Together we bring about genuine, sustainable change for Nepali communities. Watch our video to see how we make a difference on many different levels.

About Nepal

Nepal is an astounding country with a rich cultural history, environmental diversity, breathtaking landscapes and a spiritual vibe. Yet it is not without problems: its history has been tumultuous, its geography treacherous. And despite its ever-resilient people, the struggle continues.

During the decade long civil war beginning in 1995, Nepal’s fragile economy was shattered. Already poor families now had even bleaker opportunities for a decent livelihood. In 2005 the civil war came to an end and Nepal seemed to be able to develop towards a better future… Untill the earthquake in 2015 happened that threw the country into another spiral of poverty and disaster. Besides this, Nepal has a long history of caste discrimination and social marginalization. This causes immense disparities within society.

Our History

At the height of the conflict in Nepal in 2004 we gathered a team of Nepalese development workers. We also invited foreign social activists and foreign volunteers to come and help. Together we combat the shortages in education, healthcare and women’s rights. We believe we can do this quicker and more efficiently than the existing international organizations.


Enable international volunteers to make a significant contribution to the ongoing development of Nepal. Engage them in a life-changing cultural exchange.

Develop the strength and capacity of Nepali children of all backgrounds. With our help they can work towards their own development and that of Nepal as a whole.

Work with women to develop their economic and social independence through education and skills training.

Help train, educate and support the poorest communities to allow them to manage their own development projects