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Center for Children with Disabilities

Center for Children with Disabilities (CCD)

Volunteer Society Nepal has established a center for physically and intellectually disabled children. The Center for Children with Disabilities is located in Kathmandu and has 20 children at present. These children have intellectual and developmental disabilities. They were previously ignored and neglected and have now been receiving special education and physiotherapy services. Furthermore they also receive nutritious food such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and milk on a daily basis.

Disabled in Nepal

Disabled individuals in Nepal are commonly ignored, neglected, and forced to live in dark rooms. Because their family members feel shame at having lost prestige in the community because of them. As a result, many are dying in the same room or bed where they were born. In Nepal, disabilities are seen as a form of punishment given by the gods. Having a disabled family member affects the reputation and social relations of the whole family. The disabled persons are denied basic human rights such as education, health care, employment etc. Persons with disabilities in Nepal live in a state of neglect and humiliation.

As a volunteer/ intern, you may do:

  • Typically assist caregivers, and provide more education on care methods where necessary.
  • Work with the children to provide assistance with therapy, activity preparation, education on basic health and sanitation, academic assistance, and general care.
  • Provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy services.
  • Help to plan activities and outings for sightseeing, picnics, cultural sharing, reading stories and promoting a love of reading, conversational English with the children.
  • Helping the children with their homework assignments etc. depending on the children’s abilities.
  • Provide vocational Training, income Generating Program
  • Organize recreational Activities-Audio-Visual aids, play, music and games.

As the majority of overseas volunteers pay their volunteer fees one time and these children need regular funding for years. You may make regular or one off contribution to improve the situation of mentally and physically handicapped children in Nepal. At the moment, there is room for more children and we want to focus on the children that are not able to come to the center now. However, the parents that leave children locked up do not have the means to bring the child to the center themselves. That’s why we need a Micro-bus or Van, to pick up these children and bring them to the center. Please help us achieve this goal and help children with disabilities out of their isolation. Let them play, make friends and enjoy games and activities! Please visit our crowd funding page here.
You can also help us by:

  • Providing clothes, playing & educational materials.
  • Sponsoring the intellectually disadvantaged children for their nutrition, health care and fees.
  • Supporting staff training
  • Donating money for various entertainment and recreational activities.

US$100 will fund:

  • Organize recreational program for the children
  • Salary for house maid for one month

US$200 will fund:

  • Nutritional food supplies for one month
  • Transportation costs for children

US$500 will fund:

  • Rent for two months

US$1,000 will fund:

  • New winter clothes for ALL of the children
  • 2 months worth of dry food

US$10.000 will fund:

  • A mini van that will bring children to the center who are unable to go by themselves and therefore stay home.

Any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to donate to make a difference in lives of disabled children in Nepal.Please contact us at contact@volunteersocietynepal.org