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Disability Center

Disability Center: Our center for children with intellectual disabilities has 25 children that are looked after. The parents of these children do not have enough money to support their children and instead of keeping them locked up, they can now bring them to the center. Our center is looking for small donations for some materials and for organizing some social events with the kids. We are also looking for bigger donations for buying a special Mini-van in the future. Please have a look at our fundraising page here.

Donation Purposes
100 1. A one day recreational program for the children, for example take them to the zoo.
2. Salary for the house maid for one month
200 1. Nutritional food supplies for one month.
2. Transportation costs for children
500 Rent for two months
1000 1. New winter clothes for ALL of the children
2. 2 months worth of dry food
More than a 1000 We are looking for funding for a new van to transport the children to the center. Many parents do not have the money to bring their child to the center and therefore many children are still at home and unable to be supported by our center.