Volunteer Society Nepal : The best experience for volunteers, the best value for Nepal.

Why Volunteer Society Nepal

Affordability and accessibility

Volunteer Society Nepal is a local Nepali organization. This means that we have no international offices and all the money will go to Nepal and our projects. Because we have no international offices, we offer volunteering placements in Nepal that are highly affordable and designed for everyone from young students to adult professionals. As a local organization, we know our country best! We have low overhead and still offer fantastic service, equal to the high cost international agencies.

Visible impact

Volunteer fees go directly to the communities we serve, making real change.  Thanks to these fees plus generous donations and funds raised by our ever-growing Volunteer Society Nepal family, we have already established several long-term sustainable projects.  For example the CBIA School for 800 students, a day care center for intellectually disabled children, an after school child care center and a women’s center. These are all continuously expanding. We provide scholarships for underprivileged children, supply nutritious food to our centers and donate school materials to different schools.

Experienced support

Volunteer Society Nepal is founded and run by Nepali professionals. We collectively have more than 50 years experience of working in leading international volunteer and development organizations in Nepal. We frequently visit our project sites, meet volunteers, hold discussions with host families, local people and organizations. Through this, we revise and set up new meaningful and rewarding programs. Our staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support you at your placement. The office acts as a point of contact with our staff and as a general meeting point for volunteers. We are here to assist with any concerns, problems, advice, and general administration that may arise during your time in Nepal.

Flexibility and Variety

Our Internship and volunteering programs in Nepal are flexible to ensure that our volunteers’ efforts and skills are channeled in the best way to benefit themselves and the local communities with which they work. In addition to the projects outlined on our website, we also offer placements in other areas at the special request of our volunteers, and are happy to customize longer stays to include more than one project.

Quality and satisfaction

We have placed hundreds of international volunteers from 17 to 76 years old from all over the world. All of them have had a great experience, while making a meaningful contribution to supporting local disadvantaged & marginalized communities. After returning to their homes safe and sound, some have already come back to Nepal, and many more have made plans to come back and join us again.