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Where Your Money Goes

Despite our low fees, Volunteer Society Nepal runs multiple projects for volunteers across Nepal

We understand that it’s important that your money is well spent. Therefore, we give you a full breakdown of where your volunteering fee will go. As you can see, we keep the administration costs to a minimum. In this way, we are ensuring that our fees are competitive and that our work is sustainable as well.

Usually, after administration costs, your fee will be combined with other volunteers’ fees and then allocated to one of our projects. We believe that by combining the money we can make a bigger difference. Rather than dripping small amounts into projects and losing it in day to day expenses. For example, with 5000 euro we are able to set up a whole new health clinic or build new classrooms. These are the projects that make significant changes to the Nepali people.

If the cost of one part of your stay is lower than the amount quoted in this table, then the extra amount is fed into our charitable projects. For example: your placement is in Kathmandu. Then transport costs are less, and extra money will go to the projects.

Please Note

These fees are non-negotiable. We are unique among volunteer societies in giving this much insight into the workings of our organization. We do not accept requests to lower our fees by allowing them to manage their own parts of the program, such as orientation, transportation etc. If you do not wish to take advantage of any of the program elements, this money will be fed back directly to the project you are working on. The fees below are in euro.

Description 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks Any extra Week
1. Orientation Costs: Cost for Nepali language and cultural training, including hand outs, stationery, guided sight seeing 75 75 75 0
2. Transportation: Picking up from the airport, transfer to placement and drop off from the airport 50 55 60 15
3. Food and accommodation in Host Family 110 165 220 55
4. Marketing costs: Internet hosting, marketing, website updates, SEO, advertisement and various marketing purposes 75 75 75 0
5. Support to the project: This amount goes to VSN’s ongoing projects, such as schools, scholarship/sponsorship, clothing (food educational expenses) running the women center and a day care center for disabled children 90 100 100 0
6. Administration & overhead costs: Staff salaries, legal fees, renewals, rent, repairs, supplies, taxes, telephone and internet bills, travel expenditures and utilities 100 130 170 5
Total 500 600 700 75

If you have any further questions that are not answered here, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information: Contact Us