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Get Involved

Make an impact: There is more than one way

Join us and make an impact! Help bring about transformation in Nepal. As a charitable organization, we are dependent on the kindness and generosity of our volunteers and donors to fund our projects. We are thankful for those who have supported the organization over the years. You help VSN to make changes to the lives of thousands of underprivileged children and women in Nepal. We need motivated, passionate individuals to raise awareness and funds for our work. Besides volunteering, there are many ways to get involved.

1. Partner with us

Volunteer Society Nepal works with many local and international partners. We work with volunteer sending agencies, small businesses, universities, schools and community organizations. We are always looking for partner organizations that can help us on our road to sustainability. VSN understands that truly effective partnerships only occur when the partnership benefits both parties. We want partners that can align themselves with our values and vision. VSN believes that poverty can be defeated, that all children deserve an education. And that investing in leaders and community will create generational change, and that everyone deserves a life of dignity.

2. Sponsor a Child

Volunteer Society Nepal is currently providing education to children in Kathmandu. We do not receive financial support/help from the government. We receive only private donations, together with the assistance from its volunteers. In order for Volunteer Society Nepal to expand and reach out to more children, it needs your generous support. You may help in any of the following ways:

  • If you desire to sponsor child/children with his/her full sponsorship paying for his/her annually charge you could pay 850 euro per year per child. Volunteer Society Nepal will send you a photo, a brief history, and an annual report on your child.
  • If you desire to sponsor a child/children with his/her educational sponsorship paying for his/her annually charge you could pay 500 euro per year per child. Your sponsorship will provide for a child’s schooling and educational materials. You will receive a photo and information about the child, as well as an annual report.
  • You can also donate general fund in any amount. The general fund provides food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental care, legal services, and quality education to the children.

3. Join our Tours and Treks

Volunteer Society Nepal is also a registered Tourism company in Nepal since 2007. We are called Volunteer Society Treks Nepal. Our goal is to make a difference through responsible tourism. Being responsible for maintaining the environment, its people and culture is an important factor to consider when traveling abroad. We not only offer services that are ethical and thoughtful, but also offer opportunities for travelers to use their time and money to make a difference. All profits go to our various humanitarian projects in Nepal.

As a non-profit tour and travel company, we arrange a wide range of trekking, tour, rafting and jungle safari. We  also offer great combinations of trekking and volunteering, or touring and volunteering. During the time with us, we will share our knowledge of the history of this vast region, as we explore villages, trails, cities, palaces and temples. Our trekking, tour and traveling boosts our sustainability to continue the humanitarian works in Nepal. We support our Disability Center, Women Development Project and After School Program to serve underprivileged women and children in Nepal.

4. Donate

Our projects would not be possible without the help of our donors. Every little contribution is appreciated. A contribution can go a long way. for example by helping provide essential care and supply our schools. Or it gives an opportunity for women to learn and to help build our communities. If you wish to donate please contact us and we can discuss how your contributions can help.

Why join us?

Volunteer Society Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization. We are registered with Nepal Government, Kathmandu District Administration office and affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal. We use local and international resources to safeguard the health and well-being of Nepali Children and women. For example, we offer them education, shelter, food and vocational tools. Through this, we enable them to fully and equally contribute to Nepali society and compete in the global arena. We value the need for all women and children to be given equal opportunities in life, regardless of their circumstances. It is our expectation that our practice and work reflect our beliefs and values. We strive to provide the best services possible to those we serve. What makes Volunteer Society Nepal unique? It is our ability to provide the accountability and transparency of a non- governmental organization. But with the grassroots impact and connection of a small community organization.

Our licenses and authorizations

  • Office of Company Register, Nepal Ministry of Industry, Reg No: 49680/064/065
  • Department of Tourism, Nepal Ministry of Tourism, Reg No: 946
  • Nepal Department of Small Cottage and Industries, Reg No: 10522/372
  • Department of Tax, Nepal Ministry of Finance, PANS No: 302833052
  • Tax Clearance Certificate No: 302833052
  • Central Bank of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, Department of Foreign Currency Exchange, Authorization No: 1416/01/070