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We offer volunteer placements in both Nepal’s historic cultural cities and high Himalayan mountain regions

Locations: There is something for everyone in Nepal: if you are looking to volunteer in a rural area far from Western comforts then have a look at the options in the Himalayan Region (Salleri and Okhaldhunga).

However, if you prefer to volunteer in the heart of Nepal’s bustling capital then we are always looking for volunteers to come and help in our projects in Kathmandu.

If you prefer a smaller town in a beautiful setting, you can volunteer in Pokhara. Here, nature and sports can be combined with volunteering.

You can also combine placements, for example volunteer in Kathmandu first and then continue to volunteer in a place such as Pokhara.

Click on the links to find out more information and what is on offer in each region.

Choosing a location

It is important to think hard about where you are willing to go on a placement. If you are volunteering in a village outside the city it is likely that people will not speak much English and you can expect very basic living conditions. It’s an incredible experience for those who are looking for peace and quiet and like beautiful walks and views, but you can also feel more lonely. In the city you can expect more noise, traffic, but also more touristic activities, restaurants and social life.

Kathmandu Valley

Volunteer in the Kathmandu Valley and experience life in the .


Volunteer in Pokhara: Experience the relaxed lakeside living that has .

Terai Region

Volunteer in Nepal's lush, lowland (Terai) jungle with one-horned rhinos, .

Himalayan Region

Volunteer in the heart of the Himalayas among the rugged .

Volunteering and Basecamp Trek

This programs combine a volunteer placement with a journey to .

Medical Elective

Volunteer Society Nepal has a variety of medical care placements .

Child Care Volunteering Nepal

Help children with homework and advance their skills in life. .

Hilly Region

Hilly Region: Experience the peaceful life, and volunteer in the .

Sponsor A Child In Nepal

Child Sponsorship in Nepal is very much needed. Two-third of .

Contact Us

You can contact us via Facebook, Messenger or Whatsapp  or  .

Sports Physical Education

Use your athletic skills while interacting with Nepali teachers and .

Family Volunteering

Family Volunteering is for children, to visit a country different .

Content Writing and Social Media

Volunteer Society Nepal is looking for Content Writing and Social .