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Internship in Nepal

Advance your skills with Volunteer Society Nepal, while also sharing with, and helping others.

Working abroad in a developing country is a challenge. But it can make your internship all the more rewarding. You will develop new skills and observe different ways of working. On top of this, you will gain real-world experience and engage in a meaningful cultural exchange. We are careful to match your skills, knowledge, experience and learning goals to the right placement. In this way, you can learn and contribute in the most effective way.

Internship in Nepal: a lifetime opportunity for mutual growth

We assist with the development of Nepali communities through a diverse range of projects. Our projects are generally aimed at children, youth and women. Empowering these groups will create positive change in Nepal. To reach this goal, we place interns in schools, women and/or child care centers, and monasteries. Volunteer Society Nepal runs four projects in Kathmandu: A school, a disability centre, a women center and an after school child care center. Besides these projects, we offer internship placements in a variety of locations through local partner organizations across Nepal.

How can I apply?

You can fill out our contact form or application form here. We will then discuss your skills and, together with your length of stay, we can decide which placement would suit you the most. It is also possible to combine multiple placements, for example, two weeks in the women centre in Kathmandu and two weeks of volunteering at a school in a rural setting. Volunteering is for all ages, from high school students to retired teachers.

What is included in the internship?

All of our interns receive an on-arrival orientation that includes Nepali lessons, sightseeing and an introduction to their homestay and workplace. For more information on prices and what is included, have a look at our fees page.

Why intern with us?

As an intern you will have an amazing time with us as you:

  • Will be engaged in the ongoing development process of Nepal, a marginal society and third world country
  • Develop your personal and life skills
  • Grow an understanding of the Nepali people, their language, and their various cultures
  • Will take part in local festivals, weddings, and visiting different small villages
  • Will be immersed in the spectacular natural beauty and surroundings of Nepal

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