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Volunteer Vacancy in Gardening and Construction Work

Volunteer Society Nepal is running a Women center and a Disabled center. The Women center makes women more empowered and self- dependent. The disability center brings kids out of their house and gives them meaning to their days and lives. The centers have been able to make a lot of improvements in terms of infrastructure and resources. Many volunteers have help with the construction of the centers. The contributions made by volunteers in education and day care facilities to the women and the intellectually disabled children is praiseworthy.

Women center

The Women Center has its own building made from the help of volunteers. There is a big garden in front of the building. The state of the garden is not good. It is full of waste, garbage, bricks and weeds. The walls also need a layer of paint. The women from the center said, “We wish we could make a better garden full of attractive flowers, places to grown vegetables and also places to sit and relax.”

Disabled center

The Disabled Center has been providing day care facilities to the intellectually disabled children. It aims to make their lives worth living. However, the play area of the center is in a bad condition and is in need of urgent reconstruction. The walls needs to be painted and the playing area is also quite small with rubble, strange thresholds and needless bricks and stones lying around.  Meena KC, the manager of the center said, “The use of the play area will be much better if we had a slide and see-saw and if we could make more use of the space we have.”

Pledge for help

We are in need of volunteers who can help us in construction and renovation. Interested candidates are always welcomed by VSN.

For more details about the construction work placement please visit our ‘Volunteer in Construction’ page.