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Volunteer Society Nepal bridging the gap

The gap between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots” is a global problem which is eminently prevailing in Nepal as well. Efforts have been put to reduce the gap from all government and private sectors but is far from being satisfactory. Volunteer Society Nepal is guided by the objective to be beneficial to the whole of Nepal to the extent its capacity permits it to do so. Volunteer Society Nepal is not only well aware but is concerned about this as well. Ever since its inception in the year 2004, Volunteer Society Nepal has been attempting to play the significant role of bridging a big gap between the poor and the rich and is working intensely to make it happen to the extent it possible.

In a bid to pursue this pious act, Volunteer Society Nepal looks for a like-minded person or organization that can support to fulfill the goal through its website and face book. Apart from the support received from the kind hearted, generous and people loving people, Volunteer Society Nepal sets aside a certain percentage of its own proceedings also for this purpose. It carries out a survey to find out the genuine and deserving person/s or institution to be supported to best utilize the support its receives.

The past records of Volunteer Society Nepal shows that when the country is victimized by the natural disasters like earthquake, flood, epidemic, drought, landslide etc. Volunteer Society Nepal is more active. It was very active when the unfortunate and devastating earthquake took place in the year 2015 in Nepal. It not only distributed relief materials to the victims of the earthquake then but also helped in the rebuilding of some of the school buildings in remote where no other agent can reach there easily.

During the present pandemic caused by Covid 19 also, it has already provided a Buddhist monastery located in Boudha, a famous tourist destination in Kathmandu with food to provide some kind of respite to the students of the Monastery.

Similarly, support from Ms. Eva van der Zoam and Ms. Joyce Schaffers from the Netherlands was received yet again recently. The Volunteer Society Nepal Staff became more active doing the survey and found the most deserving institution, i.e. a monastery called Palyul Theckchen Ling Society. It is situated at Gokarneshwor-6, Nayapati about 9 kms. northeast of the Kathmandu valley. More than 10 young monks are studying Buddhist priest-ship there who were having hard time to continue with their study. They felt a great relief when our Volunteer Society Nepal Staff visited them and handed over the essential commodities like food items and toiletries. They very much appreciated the generous act of Ms. Eva van der Zoam and Ms. Joyce Schaffers together with the support of the Volunteer Society Nepal Staff. No other deed can be better than when you can bring smiles to the faces of destitute people even with small efforts. There is nothing more pious work than bringing happiness to the needy and deserving people.

Volunteer Society Nepal is hell bent on giving continuity to this great job in future also and would like to appeal to all generous people to support us in this act. Your small contributions can do a big wonder to the needy people and on other hand, you will also have a huge sense of self-contentment.