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VSN Volunteer Social Group

This past month, Volunteer Society Nepal has been actively creating a community and bonding spirit amongst our volunteers and strengthening and enriching our programs by organising several opportunities for them to gather, share experiences and ideas, learn new skills and just relax after working at their placements!

In our neighborhood of Kathmandu, Pepsi Cola, where we are based, The Hut, the local hang-out has hosted three weekly Friday volunteer meet-ups where volunteers have been able to get to know eachother in a relaxed informal way, listening to live music from local bands and playing ice-breaking games.

On Valentines Day, February 14th, our volunteer meet-up was held in Patan at the Nexus Culture Center where an event had been organised showcasing a variety of performances exploring socio-cultural themes including a play by Abiral, a local Nepali youth group, a live painting and exhibition by Pramila Bajracharyaby a prominent female Nepali artist, followed by a concert by local group Addy. A feast of delicious Newari dishes had been prepared as well for participants to taste!

The following week, we held our first momo-making workshop, lead by the talented ladies from our Women’s Center, to raise funds for their new center and their teacher’s Kathmandu Pinkathon!

Our meet-ups so far have been a wonderful intercultural exchange, friendships have been formed and bellies and hearts have been filled good food and high spirits!

Are you also interested in volunteering in Nepal in a remote mountain monastery, teaching in local schools, helping in orphanages, or getting hands on experience with an internship in construction or in medical clinics in traditional Nepali communities?



VSN Volunteer Social Group