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Volunteering in Health, Education and Construction

With the end of autumn and the beginning of spring, many volunteers are coming to Nepal. Volunteer Society Nepal provides volunteering opportunities in the following fields:

Here is a brief description on the volunteering opportunities of some of the volunteers:

General Medical Checkups

Janneke and Linda from the Netherlands organized a general medical checkup in one of our schools. The medical checkup was conducted for a week. If they would find a complication, the parents of the student are notified. Then the student is send to a doctor. The students were also counseled about a healthy life style. For example regularly brushing your teeth in the right way. Janneke also volunteered in one of the local medical health posts. Every morning and evening, she would be helping the doctor and the patients. For example with checking the blood pressure and dressing the wounds.

Janneke is here for 3 months. She will also volunteer for more than 5 weeks in one of the remote areas of Nepal, Kaskikot. Kaskikot lags behind in the sector of development and infrastructure. Janneke will help in the local health center there. She will also go on a trek for 2 weeks. For both opportunities she is really eager and excited.

Reconstruction and Painting Work

Ine and Amber from the Belgium lend a helping hand in the construction of the Women Center. They were actively involved in breaking the walls and putting the bricks together to make the wall. They organized a party in their country and collected donations for the construction of the center. The women center now has spacious and well ventilated rooms and the women are even more excited to learn. With Ine, Amber and Roberts active participation and help, the center has now been able to render even more qualitative education opportunities to the women.

A new classroom has also been constructed at the CBIA School. After the completion of the construction work, some of our volunteers like Vincent and Maxime from the Italy and Robert from the Netherlands helped with painting the newly constructed room.

Education Work

Vincent and Maxime are also volunteering in one of the schools in an area called Thimi, where they are helping the students with their Math and English. They will also be volunteering in Kaskikot, helping with a water purification project there. Robert will help them with this. Robert and his wife Merel will also be volunteering in Kaskikot. Merel is helping in the sector of education, while Robert helps with painting and construction work. Merel will observe the teachers and then give some workshops in education to the teachers of the schools.