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Volunteers’experience: Teaching at a pre-school in Kathmandu

FirsAnika O’Conner and Hannah Laurenco, students of Bachelors in Early Childhood Learning were volunteers at our school Career Building International Academy (CBIA). They shared their experience with Volunteer Society Nepal.

In their own words

“Me and Anika travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal in January 2017. We spent a week volunteering with Volunteer Society Nepal in an area called Pepsicola Town Planning, Kathmandu.

Our stay was highlighted by our hosts Umesh & Roshani Shrestha and their gorgeous baby. They welcomed us so warmly and prepared for us many meals. Our accommodation was simple but in a happy home, surrounded with flowers and plants, as well as a balcony that gave us incredible views.

Our time with the Shrestha family gave us such insight into Nepali customs, culture, language and history. Also, Umesh enjoyed answering all of our questions!

We volunteered at Career Building International Academy (CBIA), a local school run by VSN. We worked for Preschool, Kindergarten and Year 1. Firstly, the classrooms were beautifully decorated and the children were extremely interested to learn from us. We taught them English songs, words and spoke in English to engage them in our language and share our culture with the children. Our host teacher encouraged us to conduct a painting class which was very memorable.

VSN provided us with a map of Pepsicola, a tour and a language class. Overall, our experience was warm and eye-opening.

Much love,

Hannah & Anika

January 2017”

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