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The FIRST LEGO® LEAGUE is coming to Nepal

.The kick-off for the project “LEGO® FOR NEPAL” took place on October the 18th in Kathmandu, Nepal. After visiting the headquarters of the Volunteer Society Nepal for a short introduction, we headed to the CBIA school. Here, students and teachers got acquainted with LEGO® and the FIRST® LEGO® League program. The kick-off was a tremendous success with lots of children and teachers being inspired to get involved in this project.


The primary goal of the LEGO® FOR NEPAL project is to introduce students in Nepal to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and hands-on-learning. We believe that youth robotics competitions and STEM programs (such as FIRST® LEGO® League) are an excellent way of introducing children to problem-solving and other 21st century skills. Our goal is to bring a STEM program to schools using LEGO MINDSTORMS® and old FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge sets. On October 18th, the first step for this small-scale pilot project in Kathmandu, Nepal has begun.

What’s next?

We are very excited to announce that in April 2018, 8 students from a high school in the Netherlands will be coming to Nepal to exchange their knowledge on LEGO MINDSTORMS® and FIRST® LEGO® League challenges. Volunteer Society Nepal is successfully working together with the Edulent Foundation in The Netherlands to make this happen. We are now in the process of finalizing the program for this enthusiastic team to come visit. To make this project successful, we are looking for more FIRST® LEGO® League teams to come to Nepal. We want to share your knowledge and set up teams there!

Your Lego Team to Nepal?

We offer you a program in which your students work together with a school in Nepal. The students will start in their home country. First, they will brainstorm and make plans together with their FIRST® LEGO® League teammates. They will think about how they can help the school in Nepal. The goal is to improve the knowledge and skills that the students need to take part in the FIRST® LEGO® League in the future.

Secondly, they will organize a program and collect materials that can be of service to them. The students will cooperate with the Nepalese school and students to complete this. In addition, they will raise funds to minimize the costs of the exchange program and to purchase materials. Once in Nepal, they will begin a two-week program that includes a lot of collaboration with the local school. Here, they will help set up the FIRST® LEGO® League team. The students will also visit the fascinating Kathmandu, embark on a hike around the valley, and visit Chitwan National Park.

More information?

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