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Volunteer Society Nepal moving ahead

Volunteer Society Nepal is creeping ahead (moving ahead) steadily in spite of all the constraints caused by the nature in the form of Covid 19. Nepal has been fortunate to experience a very minimal adverse effects due to the formidable disease in terms of infection and death rates whereas recovery rate has been higher as compared to other countries of the world, especially the neighbouring countries. Mr. Bart Leo L Breugelmans, a retired Telecommunication Engineer from Belgium arrived in Nepal on the 16th March as a volunteer through Volunteer Society Nepal.

This is Mr. Bart’s second visit to Nepal, the first being a tourist and the second as a volunteer whereby getting an opportunity to compare both his trips to Nepal. As a volunteer he started delivering lecture about Belgium’s history, geography, culture. education system, political system and so on. Almost 450 students of Career Building International Academy (CBIA) from grade 5 (12 years) to grade 9 (15years) have had opportunity to attend his lecture. Each day he gave lecture to 3 – 4 classes. The students enjoyed listening to his sessions as much as he did in delivering. They have certainly enriched their knowledge about Belgium in his class. This continued for a week.

In the second and the third weeks, he was very much engaged in painting the school fences. He was very dedicated to his work and performed with much interest. This was a great help to the school.

In the last week he went to visit Solukhumbhu district located at the lap of the Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world; where he was able the Mt. Everest closely with naked eyes. He not only enjoyed the scenic beauty of the place but the weather condition was also very favorable. He stayed there for three days having fun in the open nature.
He concluded that there is a vast difference in coming to Nepal as a tourist and as a volunteer. As a volunteer you can really become very close to the people and the locality. You have the opportunity to about the people which is not at all possible as a tourist.
If you also would like to have such a unique experience in Nepal, please feel free to get in touch with us.