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Volunteering at Buddhist Monastery in Nepal with A Journey of Spreading Smiles

Luca Maffei, a dedicated athletic trainer with a penchant for exploration, cherishes the philosophy that embarking on a vacation means departing with a backpack laden with dreams and returning with a backpack brimming with cherished memories and profound emotions. Amidst his globetrotting adventures, he stumbled upon a town exuding perpetual warmth and hospitality.

The tranquillity and solace found in the routine of a monastery, coupled with the joy of imparting knowledge to young monks, became a source of profound fulfilment for Luca. Engaging in altruistic endeavours alongside fellow volunteers, he discovered the invaluable experience of sharing emotions while contributing to the well-being of the children. Despite initially feeling like a donation of his time, Luca soon realized that he gained immeasurably more than he gave, a testament to the transformative power of his passion.

Journeying alongside companions such as Riccardo, Martina, and Sabrina, Luca observed the ripple effect of his enthusiasm as it touched the lives of the children they encountered. The perpetual smiles adorning both the faces of the locals and the children underscored the positive impact of their collective efforts. Noteworthy among the numerous gracious individuals were Umesh and Shusil, whose unwavering availability and kindness stood unparalleled. Luca recognized that these connections would forever be etched in his heart, serving as enduring reminders of the profound bonds forged during his travels.

What does teaching in monastery volunteer do?

Teaching in monastery volunteer placements can teach English, Math, creative and fun activities or sports to the monks for around 3-4 hours per day. Even if you are less experienced, we have teaching materials that help you when needed. In turn, the monks share their knowledge and culture with the volunteers. If you ask the monks, you can get the chance to learn meditation techniques and receive in-depth knowledge of the Buddhist culture. This is one of our most popular volunteering posts, due to the unique way it allows you to truly be involved in the life of a Buddhist monastery.

Do I need any qualifications or skills to do this work?

You do not need any specific qualifications for this work, but a good command of the English language is vital. You must also be a culturally sensitive person because you will be working in a religious environment that is likely to be very different from your own. As Buddhist monks have to participate in different religious activities at various times of the year, the structure of your volunteering program can sometimes be altered. We ask you to be flexible to accommodate this.

Where in Nepal can I volunteer in a monastery?

Volunteering in a monastery is available in Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara and Salleri (Solukhumbhu, Himalayan region). As a volunteer at the Buddhist monastery, you will work in a monastery and may also work with the attached community schools for non-monastic children. For more information go to our locations page.