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VSN’s Nutritional Food Supply Project

Volunteer Society Nepal donated 8crates of eggs to the children of OCRC, an orphanage located at Bhaktapur for the months of April & May on VSN’s regular Nutritional Food Supply Project. VSN is regularly supplying milks, eggs, meats, vegetables etc to the various Orphanages & Disabled Children Centres. Our goal is to make sure that every orphan receives at least one nutritious meal per day. Any interested kind heart person can join hand in hand with VSN to meet its goal by donating the fund for Nutritional Food Supply Project. Proper nutrition improves the orphans’ immune system, helps them fight off disease, improves their focus in school, and eases the ache in their belly. Your gift will provide proper nutrition and save the life of an orphan.

Volunteering fees from VSN volunteer is the major part of success in providing scholarship for 100 disadvantaged children at various schools, financial support to the health clinic at Gothatar and to the different orphanages and disabled children school and homes.

Learning Nepali Language at Volunteer Society Nepal

Nepali Language, the official language of Nepal, is extensively spoken by the majority of the population. It is a member of the Indo-Aryan language family and exhibits strong resemblances to Hindi and Bengali. With a rich historical background, Nepali Language has been influenced by Sanskrit and the languages of neighboring countries such as Tibet and India.

The Volunteer Society Nepal offers you an exceptional opportunity to completely involve oneself in the learning Nepali language program. Our Learning Nepali Language Program provides an exhilarating chance to learn Nepali language from native language instructors, enabling you to submerge yourself in the local Nepali community. We help you to venture out to shops, dining at restaurants, and savoring Nepal-produced coffee or unique Nepalese tea at local shops, you can apply your Nepali anguage abilities and genuinely encounter the Nepali culture.