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Travel and volunteering in Nepal after covid-19(Update August 2020)

The world is suffering from the pandemic, and no one is termed safe from the noble corona virus. But the world can’t stop forever instead using the safety measures to enjoy life is the best way to go.

Things get even worse for the country Nepal. It is due to the fact that 2020 was termed to be the Tourism Year for the nation and every preparation were on the rise. But there are things which can’t be predicted but should be adjusted to.

In a similar quest, tourism has also opened its arms all over the world. In the context of Nepal, which is one of the most beautiful country to travel, the government has opened its doors.

For the international tourist to enjoy the scenic heaven, the flights are to be opened from 17th August 2020. There might be millions of questions about how when whom and why in the case of traveling.

For the context of Nepal, we will try to solve all the answered right here in this article.

Current Condition of Nepal

It’s not a new term that the world is in the plummeting stage in the case of progress and surging phase in the case of death. But luckily Nepal is one of those rare countries where death is not jaw-dropping. Although cases were on rise but its seems to be going down in current days.

By 22nd July the number of deaths in the country is 42 while the affected one’s account to 18,094. It shows the fact that the death rate is 0.2% which is not to worry much about. The number, however, keeps on changing and the track can be made through the same space. All thanks to the front liners at work.

Will there be any possibility to Visit Nepal this Year?

Well on 21st of July, 2020 the government lifted the lock down and almost every business possible is allowed to run in regularity. Thankfully the tourism sector will also open up from 30th July 2020.

How Does the Future Look Like for traveling?

It’s a challenging task to predict how the future looks like in any field be it business, household, education and whatnot.

Interestingly what’s possible is the fact that we can use the preventive measure to close all doors for the virus to affect us. Without a doubt, the country is entirely devoted to it.

It’s possible to carry out all the activities for which Nepal is very famous like volunteering, trekking, hiking, mountaineering and many more. Nevertheless, prevention is the way to go.

What’s New for traveling post-pandemic?

Life has changed in leaps and bounds post the pandemic. The threat of the epidemic is not entirely gone, but everyone can enjoy their life with some safety for sure. 

In the case of volunteering and tourism too there are ways where you can be safe and enjoy the ride too. What’s to know or what’s new is how you do things.

Volunteering in Nepal? Will volunteer placement be open?

Like any other sector Volunteer Society Nepal and all the project under this organization were severely affected. As we all know our main and only sources of fund are the fees that we collect from volunteers which were affected as we received no volunteers for last 4 months. As following our government guideline, we are planning to open all the projects, placement and volunteer recruitment service as soon as October 2020.

Thinks to consider before traveling to Nepal :

  • Medical Reports are Compulsory

This is new a new term that you are hearing for some months: the medical assessment and the medical report. Well, the clearance of good health medical certificate has become the air to our life. As and when you come to the country of mountains, don’t forget to drop it in your suitcase.

  • Some extra cash

Be it the pandemic or not some extra money that warms your wallet never goes out of fashion. In the situation of crisis, it is pretty essential to carry some extra cash.

It can be used at the time of deficiency or the outstanding amount of money always covers the unseen mishaps that might happen during the stay.

  • Sanitizing and social distancing

Even the newborns in this pandemic might learn their first words as sanitation and social distancing. Yes, the situation has turned ragged, and the new normal is maintaining social distance and also used the hand sanitizers.

  • Extras

Without a doubt, it’s always good to get something extra to be it food or discount or bonus or what it may be. In the case of this article, well extras denote some valuable information that might be simple yet effective.

To the travelers who are willing to hit the mountainous country in a short period with great excitement, if you are already suffering from some sickness, weakness or disease, we insist you get fully fit and only think of visiting Nepal.

All though Nepal is very safe for solo traveler be it male or female but with all of the unexpected chaos brought by the pandemic, Its wise the bring a friend or your better half in the travel. As there is a saying, two heads are better than one, having someone to enjoy the trip is fruitful.

To sum up, corona virus will undoubtedly remain with us for an extended period. The human civilization needs to learn how to live with it following healthy ways to live.

As a result, Nepal is open. You can take out the paper and pen to make the list of things to do,but don’t forget to sanitize your hands before it.

Nepal is Open.