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Gardening at the Women Center

The present building of the center was made by the help of one of our dedicated volunteers Thabkhe Dorje. Since then a lot of volunteers have been helping with the development of the center. Volunteer have donated a speaker, cooker, gas stove, utensils and curtains. The next step is to work on the garden.

Clearing and cleaning the Garden

The Women Center has a big garden but due to the construction work the garden was full of weeds and garbage. Two volunteers, Marja and Monika, are now helping with cleaning the garden and making it look better. They are working hard collecting garbage and plowing the field. This will make it easier for cultivation.

Working Together

The women from the center are also helping the volunteers. Along with some flowers the women have planted local vegetables. They have also bought some fruit trees together with the volunteers. Both the volunteers and the women are excited for the outcome. Marja and Monika are happy to help the center and they are enjoying the work. It is great to be active and help outdoors.

Sustainable gardening

Marja has been going to the local shops to buy special seeds. Seeds of special herbs, expensive vegetables and beautiful flowers. She also bought some nice sapling trees that would bear fruit in a few years time. A true long term investment! Once these fruits and vegetables are ready to be harvested they can be used by the families and also sold for some extra income for the women and the center itself.

Vacancy for new Volunteers

At the moment half of the space has now been turned into a garden. The other half is waiting for new volunteers to come and help to develop it. There are ideas to make this a terrace, a play area for the Talent School or further cultivate it as a garden. We are also in need for volunteers who want to make a kitchen/sink area for the women. Then the women are able to cook and wash dishes. At the moment a small tap next to the toilet is all they have..

If you want to help us and volunteer for this great cause, please apply here.

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