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Volunteer Society Nepal opens the first Talent School

Volunteer Society Nepal opened the Talent School at the start of the new school year. The Talent School is an After School Child Care Center that serves the needs of socially disadvantaged children. Linda Ris and Tirzah Berger worked together to establish The Talent School. Both are from the Netherlands.

What is a Talent School?

The Talent School receives children every school day between 4:30 and 6 pm at its premises. It has the objective of helping with the all-round development of socially disadvantaged children. It aims to broaden the future perspectives and opportunities of these children. The Talent School promotes creativity in kids with fun educational learning through guidance from mentors. It will also assist the kids in building self-confidence and skills of leadership and teamwork. Examples of activities that they will be doing after school are visiting a bakery, playing with technical Lego, learning different types of art and visiting the Airplane museum.

Who will be attending the Talent School?

Mr Tej Shrestha, the founder of Volunteer Society Nepal, opened the project on April 21st, 2018. It was attended by the parents and the kids. Eleven disadvantaged children will be attending the school six days a week from 4:30 till 6 pm. Some have poor parents, no parents at all or are not doing well in class. They often do not receive the right guidance at home. In these cases the chance for drop-out of school is high and they will not be able to break the circle of poverty. VSN wants to change this cycle through the Talent School.

How does the Talent School run?

Pranisha and Sonam are the class mentors. The mentors will not only be focusing on homework guidance but also engage them in different social and creative activities, exploring their potential. Fun educational methodologies of teaching are applied. Volunteers will be needed to assist the mentors in helping the kids and making schedules. The extra activities include games, drawings, sketch and short trips. Every Tuesday they have dance classes.

Parents Opinions

All the parents and caretakers are very excited and happy after knowing about this project. We can see a lot of hope in the parent’s eyes regarding their children’s future.  They are very optimistic towards the progress of their children. They are also very grateful to this praiseworthy work of VSN and express their gratitude towards the entire team.

The Talent School is really a good foundation for disadvantaged children to shape their future. New and innovative ideas from future volunteers will be very much appreciated. If you want to make your volunteering effective, then you can come up with ideas for the Talent School. If you want to apply please find more information here.