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Science laboratory and library at CBIA

Volunteer Society Nepal’s visited its partner school, Career Building International Academy after the lockdown imposed due to the pandemic was lifted by the government of Nepal and the education sector began to commence its activities.

Lockdown kept the students away from the school for almost 18 months as the situation compelled all of us to rely on virtual classes for our academic activities. Career Building International Academy was also not an exception to this. Career Building International Academy also conducted virtual classes through Zoom and did everything possible to make the classes very effective. The Career Building International Academy teachers put their hundred percent efforts into the process which was highly appreciated by the parents as they could witness the classes by themselves.

Classes were run as per the curriculum but the Science Lab. and the Library were not used at all for one and half years. It is a long time for anything to get spoiled. The same happened in the Science Lab. Many things have become unusable and rusted. Particularly chemicals used in the Lab. can no more be used. Apparatuses are too of no use anymore requiring replacement. It obviously requires funds as well. A similar condition prevails in the library too. Books have been devoured by mice and insects making the books unreadable. If any kind and generous people have an interest in helping the school, they are welcome to contact Volunteer Society Nepal for further action.

Volunteer Society Nepal would like to appeal to all good-hearted people to support in whatever way they can or to whatever extent they can to help. Volunteer Society Nepal is happy to play the role of facilitator bridging a gap between you and the school.

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