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Sponsorship: Because of the lockdown imposed by the government to curb the pandemic prevailing all over Nepal, Volunteer Society Nepal also does not have much to do during this time. To utilize this time to extent, some staff from Volunteer Society Nepal visited its partner school, Career Building International Academy with view to further probing into the scholarship matter.

After a long deliberation with the School Management Team of CBIA, it was decided to apply the following norms while selecting the students for scholarship. In order to be eligible for receiving scholarship, the students must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The students must have demonstrated excellent performance previously in the class and interested in learning.
  2. The students must be from poor and under privileged group.
  3. The parents’ financial condition shall not allow them pursue their wards education although they very strongly desired so.
  4. Girl students should be given priority in order to boost up the concept of Women Empowerment.

Applying the above criteria, Volunteer Society Nepal decided to award scholarship to the following 5 students initially provided that VSN receives support from the people like you who want to help people who desperately desire to educate their children but their conditions do not permit. Your invaluable support is no doubt, for the noble cause of throwing light to someone’s dark life through education: