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Scholarship for 4 deserving students at CBIA

Volunteer Society Nepal has been constantly trying to find donors who are willing to support the education of students who are genuinely motivated to study and have demonstrated their skills and ability in the academics. Due to financial situation of their families, it’s a big question if these students can continue their education or not.

But now, education of at least 4 of such students has been secured through the kind act of Henkel LHC Global Supply Chain Group. Özlem Soydas, one of the members of the Henkel group is here with us and has met with all the 4 students to be sponsored. The short description of the student is as follows:

Snoopy Katwal is a 7 years old and studying in Class Two. She is also doing very well. The condition Snoopy is also the same as Khusbu’s. Her father abandoned the family and nobody knows his whereabouts. This made her very difficult to pull her life. Even sustaining life is hard for her, the education of her children matters of a big question.

If lack of money deprives them of getting education, it will be very unfortunate. Therefore, the persons with big heart are requested to help them getting education because at this modern world, it will be like living as animals for the persons without education.

Khusbu Rai is one of the bright and smart students studying in class 6. She is 11 years old. She belongs to one of the ethnic groups of Nepal. Her parents did not get long after she was born and got separated making her life miserable. Her mother took the whole responsibility of hers but it was very difficult for her mother. Her (mother) was forced to decide going abroad to work as a labour. Her salary is hardly enough to feed the family. But Khusbu has a great interest in study and is doing well so far.

Isha Basnet is 10 years old and is studying in Grade 5. She comes from a very poor and destitute family background. But she is very good in her studies and likes to learn new things. Her mother is physically handicapped by birth. One of her legs is shorter and does not function properly. She has difficulty in walking but she does not have other alternatives than to drag herself around as she has to earn her livelihood all by herself. Since her husband has abandoned her, she has been facing a very hard time. Due to the lockdown in the country, she even is not able to make their both hands end.

Riya Ale Magar is a bright student of Grade 5 is the eldest daughter of unskilled labour who has very hard time sustaining his family with a meagre income. Sometimes he has to stay without any work making his life even harder. Her mother used to work as maid servant but she has now a small baby preventing her to support his husband. Riya is a promisingly smart and sober girl. She is doing well in the class. She is liked by all her teachers.