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Physiotherapist for two disabled centres

There has been a slack period for Volunteer Society Nepal for nearly 2 years because of the pandemic but now, the Covid 19 is almost over in Nepal and the recent update about the pandemic issued by the Government of Nepal proves this fact. The death rate together with the infection rate has radically gone down giving respite to the people. Geline Kouwenberg, a physiotherapist by profession from the Netherlands has come to Nepal to work as a volunteer for 11 weeks. Her service as a physiotherapist would be more helpful to the disabled centres rather than hospitals. Her placement period has been divided into two phases. In the first phase, after her initial orientation, she will be working in Disabled Centre in the Kathmandu district. Later in the second phase, she will be working in Disabled Center located in the Lalitpur district close to the Kathmandu district.

You can experience physiotherapy or occupational therapy placement in Nepal. In return, it will give you a greater understanding of how professionals in the field operations in developing countries. And it’s an opportunity to utilize your skills for the benefit of others.

Projects that we offer in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are:

  • The Disabled Rehabilitation Center in Kathmandu
  • Center for children with intellectual and physical disabilities in Kathmandu
  • Disabled Home in Kathmandu (children and adults)
  • School for children with physical disabilities in Kathmandu
  • Rehabilitation hospitals in Kathmandu
  • Special Rehabilitation Centers in Kathmandu or Banepa (about one hour’s drive from Kathmandu).
  • Elderly homes in Pokhara
  • Autism Center in Pokhara

 Your role as a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist

It is important for volunteers to have a positive attitude and a real willingness to help. You will help children and adults with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities. In many disability and rehab centres, you will work with a schedule, which allows each child to spend quality time in the physical therapy room. Each child or adult has different needs. Some are learning to walk, some suffer from muscular problems, while others need to have their joints massaged regularly. With your help, they can receive treatment and therapy more often.