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Gap year teaching volunteer work

Gap year teaching volunteer work: Not only the students who want to make use of their GAP period in their studies come to volunteer their services to the people of Nepal in one way or the other through Volunteer Society Nepal – VSN, but the people having done their Bachelors and Masters degrees are also keen on getting associated with Volunteer Society Nepal.
21 years old, Giacomo Fagioli Marzocchi, Masters in Mathematics from the University of Sapienza, Rome is such a volunteer who desires to gain experience of visiting various countries, teaching Mathematics and trekking. He found Volunteer Society Nepal is the right organization to rely on in fulfilling his wishes.
He experienced the happiness and fulfilling feeling in teaching Mathematics to the junior students in Career Building International Academy. He also worked with young monks in Pokhara, after which he went on trekking to the world-famous trekking area, the Annapurna Trekking Region. Overall, his stay in Nepal was full of different unique and enjoyable experiences.

How gap year teaching volunteer work?

Teaching Volunteering Nepal: Volunteers either train, teach or assist in teaching at primary or secondary schools in Kathmandu, Pokhara or in small villages in the mountains. Volunteers spend up to 6 hours a day at the school. Depending on your experience you may:

Train: Observe the teachers and give feedback

Teaching Volunteering Nepal: In the beginning, you will work closely with the Principal of the school. You will establish where there is most need for teacher training and support. From here you can use your own initiative to build a framework for providing teacher training. You will spend up to 6 hours a day at the school and conducting your work in an office. Overall, you will be responsible for training teachers, sitting in with lessons and conducting showcase lessons in your preferred subject. If you have 2 months or more to spend at the school then you can help plan the subject curriculum for the term or year. We like to encourage you to bring new and innovative teaching methods to the classrooms. They help the school determine what resources are needed and how to get hold of them.

Teach: Give classes on your own

Teaching Volunteering Nepal: As a teacher, you look at where the need is most in terms of teaching and step in where is needed. Sometimes there are not enough teachers and you will teach a class yourself. It is also possible that the teacher is there and you will teach the class together. The teacher can learn from your teaching methodologies by observing and joining the teaching.

Assist: Be a teacher’s assistant

Teaching Volunteering Nepal: As an assistant, you will work alongside a local teacher to help with all the subjects. We encourage you to think of creative ways to help teach the children, for example, to bring in new teaching resources. The age of the children varies from 4 to 16 years. You can decide which age group you like to assist.

Do I need any qualifications or skills for teaching volunteering in Nepal?

Teaching Volunteering Nepal: For being a teacher’s assistant you do not need any qualifications for this placement, but you do need to have a good command of the English language. It helps if you have had the experience of working with children in the past, but if you have not then been a confident and enthusiastic person is important. There will be basic support materials to use but these are always in short supply, so anything you can provide to help will always be appreciated.