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Social Entrepreneurship at the Women Center

With the help from volunteer Eline and Miriam, women at the women center started to produce their own products to sell. Some women are making jewelry, others are making food or produce services such as henna making or polishing nails. They don’t know it themselves yet, but these activities make them real entrepreneurs! They learn skills such as marketing, making certain products and preparing and selling them.

Women Center Handmade Creations Event

On July 26, the Women center was open and all types of services, products and other entrepreneur activities were on sale! Volunteers Chiara and Carlijn helped with the sign and invited the other volunteers to come. The event is called ‘Women Center Handmade Creations’. During this event, visitors can join the market and experience everything that is on offer. All the volunteers came to visit and also other women, friends and curious neighbors.

Profit Improvements

Some of the profit, the women can keep for themselves and the rest of the profit is used to improve the women center. After a previous event, the women have bought flower pots and flowers and have placed this at the women center walkway. It brings an even more inviting atmosphere to the center!

For the Future

The idea is to continue these type of events and to help the women increase their income a little bit. Doing entrepreneur activities also empowers them. They learn that they can actually do something fun. That they have skills that are useful and that with this skill, they can start something of their own.

Volunteers needed

The volunteers that are here are now helping the women but they will be leaving soon. To continue the project we need volunteers to help to continue the social entrepreneur events, together with the women. For more information please visit this page.