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Needed a Help for CBIA School in Nepal

The devastation of the school buildings in Nepal

Aftershocks and the fear of disease caused panic in Nepal. Millions of people became homeless and still living in temporary shelters or in the open. The horrific effects of the Nepal earthquake were being dealt with on an hour-by-hour basis. But the tremors that caused devastation across the South Asian country will also have devastating long-term consequences for its education system.

Thousands of schools were damaged or destroyed by the 7.8 earthquakes on April 25 and the destruction caused the closure of all Nepalese state-run and private schools for more than a month.

There are 16,000 schools in the areas affected by the earthquake. The reports from affected districts indicated that a huge proportion of school facilities had been totally destroyed or severely damaged due to the earthquake.

An estimated 5000 primary and secondary school buildings had been completely destroyed and more than 1.5 million children need educational support and for 2.1 million children protection and 525,000 were in immediate humanitarian challenges.

As children were out of school for long periods, many could fell into child labour, child marriage and sexual exploitation. It was also at greater risk of violence, rape and recruitment into fighting, prostitution, and other life-threatening, often criminal, activities. Many will simply never return to the classroom.

VSN run CBIA School

Education is the key to a bright future for our Nepali children and for the nation. But, in most schools, the quality of education is very poor, among the many problems including untrained and unmotivated teachers. For Nepal to develop into a strong, internationally competitive nation its people must be well-educated, disciplined, hard working and self reliant. This can best be achieved through education which focuses on the development of creativity, curiosity, independence and analytic and problem solving skills. CBIA strives to provide such education to all its student members and associated staff.

In 2006 Volunteer Society Nepal set up the CBIA in old Sinamangal, Pepsi Town planning Kathmadu Nepal. The school currently has more than 700 students enrolled and has been running successfully under the management of volunteer Society Nepal. The school has been providing free education to 120 orphan and disadvantaged children on full scholarships. The school is run by proper management of educational professionals, which include highly qualified and experienced teachers, respected members of the community. The school management is fully dedicated to the educational development of the institution.


  • To provide a quality education for all students.
  • To provide equal educational opportunity for orphaned, abandoned and destitute children.
  • To shape children into well-educated, disciplined and creative young adults. Empowered to improve themselves and their nation.
  • To develop self motivated students who become life-long learners.
  • To explore and develop children’s abilities in extracurricular activities: sports, dance, music and art so that they develop as well rounded, happy, positive and strong adults.


Needed a Help for CBIA School

The majority of schools were vulnerable to earthquakes. School construction in Nepal has largely ignored issues of structural safety and they are built very informally. It was warned that in a severe earthquake 66% of the schools in Kathmandu Valley would be likely to collapse, another 11% would partially collapse and the rest would be damaged. If an earthquake happened during school hours it predicted that 29,000 students, teachers and staff would be killed and 43,000 seriously injured. Thankfully, the earthquake happened on a Saturday when schools were closed.

The VSN established school has also been affected its building by the devastating earthquake. Therefore, with the support of its past volunteers, VSN has started to construct a one storied 14 rooms with separate toilets for girls and boys. The School building has been designed and constructed to protect students during an earthquake.

Here we present you the details estimated construction costs of the project and picture of the school building.

It has been estimated that the total construction cost will be around USD 43,050.-

Volunteer Society Nepal would like to request for donations from companies, organizations, families, friends, well-wishers and generous donors to help rebuild this school. Your donations will help the children to study at their school without fear with the continued aftershocks in earthquake-safe premises. Together we can bring a smile on the faces of the children and help them brighten their future.

The detail expense report and letter of appreciation will be provided to you jointly by the school and VSN. Your contribution could bring out huge positive changes in the lives of such children. The fact is we are dependent on the support of our well wishers who want the underprivileged children of Nepal to be well educated.

For detailed information, please contact us at  [email protected]