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Deescalating covid 19 in Nepal

When most of the countries of the world had been banning their respective citizens from leaving the country as a measure of precaution to mitigate the adverse impact of Covid 19 and the people from other countries from entering their countries, a young girl, a physiotherapist by profession, Miss Erica Boland all the way from the USA came to Nepal through Volunteer Society Nepal to do her internship in one of the hospitals of Nepal. Her fortitude, courage and enthusiasm is really praiseworthy to venture to do this amidst Covid infection. She arrived in Nepal without getting vaccinated and wearing masks and she remained the same throughout her internship period. Her PCR tests have never been positive.

She was in Home Stay during her internship. She used to get dropped at the hospital in the morning by Volunteer Society Nepal while in the evening she preferred walking back. Under the logistic and managerial supports from Volunteer Society Nepal, she was able to achieve what she intended to. She enjoyed very much doing the internship as is evident from her testimonial, please see “Physiotherapy Internship in Nepal” posted in our website. She was very quick to get along with her colleagues. She had made some Nepali friends in no time.

This is also apparent that things have almost come back to normalcy as both the Covid infection and death rates are on the decline. Nepal is learning how to cope up with life taking virus simultaneously with how to live along with corona virus.

erica boland physiotherapy internship in nepal