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CBIA classroom construction near completion

Construction of classrooms started almost two months ago, is inching toward its final phase. It was originally planned to be completed by mid-November but due to the frequent inconsistent decisions of the government to open the educational sector, we were in dilemmatic state. Since the latest decision of the government came up just like a bolt from the blue, to start educational by the 26th of September, we were in a rush to finish the construction work. But now it has been almost completed.

7 classrooms were constructed on the first floor just above the ground floor where classes were run in the previous years. Now we have exactly the double number of classrooms at the moment. The rooms on the first floor are spacious, brighter, comfortable and airy too. The students found it cozy.

The school scheduled the Second Terminal Examination from the 30th of September. Makeshift classrooms have been arranged in the newly constructed block which is evident from the photos. The students are very much delighted to be in the new building. After the examination is over we will have our biggest festival and then we have a gap of two weeks when we plan to complete the remaining works as well. Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) and Career Building International Academy (CBIA) appreciate the support very much and wish to express sincere thanks to all who have contributed for their generous and compassionate. We really appreciate your thought of helping others in need.