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Construction Manual Work

Volunteer in construction to overcome the desperate lack of infrastructure .

Medical Care

Volunteer Society Nepal has a variety of medical placements to .

Women’s Groups

Experience the happiness and gratefulness of women who are learning .

Special Needs

Help children become more independent and make them feel worthwhile. .

Child Care

Help children with homework and advance their skills in life. .

Group Volunteering

Are you looking for a volunteering trip for students, your .

Teaching Volunteering Nepal

As a volunteer you will give your students better opportunities .

Teaching in Monastery

Learn about ancient religious practices and connect with isolated monks .

Child Care in Nepal

Many children in Nepal are deprived of attention, homework help, .

Womens Empowerment

Volunteer Society Nepal understands that empowering women is an important .

Group Volunteering

As a group you can achieve more in less time .

Gap Year Volunteering

Volunteer Society Nepal offers a remarkable insight into a land of .

Family Volunteering

For children, to visit a country different than theirs brings .

Photography and Film Making

Show with your images and video how beautiful Nepal is .


Volunteer in a sustainable agriculture project with Volunteer Society Nepal .

Social Enterprise

Intern in a social enterprise sustainable agriculture project with Volunteer .

Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy

There is a real shortage of skilled physiotherapists and occupational .

Lego® School Exchange

LEGO® for Nepal is a two week long school exchange .

Elderly Care

Make the lives of elderly people more bearable and give .

Climate Ambassador

Help raise awareness among Nepali youth on important issues as .

Volunteer and Yoga

Combine a volunteer placement at a local school with morning .

Stars for Nepal

Are you an astronomist or a physics teacher? Our ‘Stars .

Hockey for Nepal

Volunteer Society Nepal is looking for people who want to .

Teacher Training

Volunteer Society Nepal offers the teacher training opportunity for qualified .