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Group Volunteering

We have experience and tailor volunteer programs for between 2 and 25 persons. The great thing about working in a group is the amount of work you can accomplish in a small space of time. We find schools or clubs raise money back in their home country. They come to Nepal and get involved in implementing their chosen project. The construction of school facilities can be combined with teaching. The provision of medical equipment can be supported by working in health camps. A great team atmosphere always ensures that lots of work get done.

Group Construction and Manual Labor

If you want all members of the group to work alongside one another, then this is the ideal option. Schools, clinics and disability centres are always in need of new classrooms or toilet blocks. You can also do maintenance such as painting or gardening. Even in a short time, you can make a massive and visible difference in the lives of all those involved. These group placements can be in both rural and urban areas, depending on your preferences.

Group Teaching

In certain areas, there is sufficient demand for up to 10 teachers to work in nearby local schools. You will all be together for your induction week in Kathmandu. After that, you will split into groups of 2-4 and work in different schools. This has the benefit that the group has a shared team challenge, but also the individual challenge 0f small groups. We offer this in Kathmandu, Pokhara and the Solukhumbu region. Here all the schools are within a maximum of a half-hour radius to travel.

Group Health Clinics

We work with groups of qualified doctors and medical students coming out to Nepal to do their electives. If you only have a short period of time then the health camp is the best option. You go to areas which lack permanent facilities and carry out basic health checks. If you are here for longer, you can be placed in local permanent clinics and travel into various areas. Here you educate people on the necessity of sanitation and healthcare. This is available in Kathmandu, Pokhara and rural areas.

Group Environmental Program

You can organize awareness-raising activities to help promote the understanding of various environmental and development issues.

Examples are:

  • environmental campaigns
  • sanitation campaigns
  • conservation campaigns
  • health issue campaigns
  • recycling programs

You can combine artistic activities, such as dramas, painting, as well as games and competitions, with educational information. In this way, children’s groups in particular will be highly motivated and more effective in disseminating needed education and awareness.

VSN is aware that not all volunteers possess the same skills and capacity. Your prime responsibility is to organise extra-curricular learning activities through student groups (children’s clubs). Volunteers will either establish a group or work with an existing student group. The existing groups are run by motivated, enthusiastic, and committed students. The students are essential in reinforcing your work at the school and it will be their responsibility to maintain the groups and activities after you leave. With capacity building and resource support, student groups help raise awareness about a variety of issues, among other students and the community at large, to ensure a sustainable impact.