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A fun activity for differently able children

Disabled individuals in Nepal are ignored, neglected and forced to live in dark rooms because most of the family members of disabled individuals feel shame at having lost their prestige in the community. As a result, they are dying in the same room or bed where they were born. In Nepal, disability is regarded as a form of punishment given by the god. Having a disabled member in the family affects the social reputation and relations of the whole family. The social physical structure is not accessible to PWDs and they are denied basic human rights i.e. education, health care, employment etc. Persons with disabilities in Nepal live in a state of neglect and humiliation. Estimates of total populations in Nepal vary.

Volunteer Society  Nepal has established a centre for physically and intellectually disabled children. Our Center is located in Baneshwor Kathmandu and has 20 children. The children have various types of problems. These ignored and neglected disabled individuals have been receiving special education and physiotherapy services. As these children are discriminated against with food in the family, these children are also provided fresh vegetables, fruits and milk on a daily basis.

Volunteer Society Nepal organizes different activities for the children at our disabled centre. With our overseas volunteers Kylie Ann Newburn, Kamille De Backer and Simon De Backer’s visit the fun park was arranged.  The children had fun and got a new experience. Volunteer Society Nepal would to thank its volunteers for organizing such an outstanding program for these children