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Volunteers and their activities during May/June 2015

There were several volunteers at VSN during the April 25th earthquake. VSN and the host families were very much aware of their safety and took care of them. All the volunteers returned home safely within a week of the earthquake. We have already updated the aftermaths of the earthquake and VSN’s activities in relief material distributions.

Nepal is safe to travel after the earthquake. Airports, Highways, major tourist destinations, hotels, and hospitals remained undamaged by the earthquake. Due to this fact, Volunteer Society Nepal received several volunteers from different countries for its regular volunteering programs.

Ms.Renee Van Woerden from Holland arrived on May 24th ,2015. After having Nepali language lesson, orientation, sight seeing of major historical places of Kathmandu, she was placed in Pokhara. She volunteered as a teacher at a school in Pokhara for six weeks.

Ms. Maria Viviana Siles from USA arrived on June 15th and is helping at the Women centre. She is teaching Basic English language to the elderly women. Whatever the age, the women are still students and they still want to learn. They want to make their children proud. They just need a few more volunteer teachers to do it. The volunteers also learn Nepalese culture and Nepalese recipes from these women while volunteering at the Women Centre,

Ms. Silvia Veronese and her daughter arrived on June 18th and volunteered at a school and health post in Garma, Solukhumbu for a week.

Cheng Cheng & Xiaolin Jin from China arrived on June 20th and volunteered for a week at CBIA. They taught Mathematics and English to the students over there. The children at CBIA had opportunity to learn Mathematics and English from different aspect.

Jillian Christie Guinta from USA arrived on June 18th and volunteered at a monastery in Bouddha, where she taught English to small monk children.

As a volunteer in Volunteer Society Nepal’s teaching at the monastery program, the volunteer is assigned to help at the Monastery as an English instructor, where small monk children from different parts of Nepal are brought for the schooling of Tibetan Buddhism. Here the volunteers teach English to the monk kids for 3-4 hours a day. In addition to English teaching, volunteers also assist in other schools and orphanages close to the monastery and their host family. This project gives perfect opportunities to immerse in Buddhist religion and lifestyle.

Ms Jillian Christie Guinta from USA, volunteered as an English instructor from 22nd June to 16th July at the monastery in Bouddha, Kathmandu. The monastery was slightly damaged by the recent April 25th earthquake, though she felt safe and enjoyed her time a lot. She visited several places during her four weeks stay and defends that Nepal is still beautiful and safe to visit.

Lin Yingxuan & Ka Ka Li from China arrived on June 23rd and volunteered at CBIA where they helped in applying fresh paint at newly constructed earthquake safe classrooms.