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Weekend Getaway with Volunteers and Friends

Recently a group of volunteers, the VSN team and children from “Bright future” went to Jar Singh Pauwa to enjoy their weekend. The village of Jar Singh Pauwa is a beautiful place on the hill side with beautiful Himalayan mountain views. The volunteers had a night stay in a luxury hotel there.

Fun Weekend Activities at the Hotel

Upon arrival, the smile and the greetings from the owner together with some snacks were the first impressions of the hotel. They reached at dawn, so they only did some sight-seeing and exploring of the hotel. The whole group played UNO together. The game was definitely an amazing means to pass the time and get to know each other well! In the evening everybody enjoyed a campfire and barbeque. It was a cold night so the fire really nice to sit around and stay warm. The camp fire was further enjoyed with beautiful songs and dance. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable moment for all.

Discovering the Area

On the second day, the volunteers woke up early to see the beautiful view of the sunrise and the beautiful Himalaya Range. The views were so amazing that none could get their eyes off easily from such overwhelming beauty. After breakfast, they set off for a hike for about 2 hours where they could explore the forest and hillside. Rhododendron, the National flower of Nepal and some of the wild berries drew everyone’s attention. The hike was quite tiring but still everyone enjoyed such an amazing weekend full of adventures. The amazing view seen from the top was the best part of the hike.

Thank you and Goodbye!

After the hike, they all had a typical Nepali daal bhat and bid a final goodbye to the place. It definitely was an amazing trip for all as they all could see the mountains, feel the fresh air and explore the rural area. It was a great opportunity for everyone to know each other and enjoy the weekend. And they all thanked Volunteer Society Nepal for organizing such an amazing adventurous trip.