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Volunteering in a Mountain Village

Volunteer Society Nepal has several types of locations to offer. We offer volunteering in the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara. But also in remote mountain villages such as Salleri and Kaskikot. Kaskikot is a village close to Pokhara. It is a small village on the edge of a mountain. It has beautiful views on the Himalayan Range. Kaskikot is not far from the touristy city of Pokhara. So it’s easy to go to Pokhara for half a day and enjoy the atmosphere there.

Schools in Need

There are three schools in the village of Kaskikot and all three of them are in dire condition. The buildings are not well maintained, the level of English is low and there are no playgrounds. The toilet buildings are old and broken. We are urgently looking for volunteers to change this! If you are interested in volunteering in construction or in teaching English and want to really make a difference, then this could be the placement for you.

Home stay in the Village of Kaskikot

In Kaskikot we offer a home stay with a lovely family. Bidi and his wife live in a basic but clean house. The serve the most delicious Dahl Bhat and in the evening you sit in the small courtyard together enjoying the views with a cup of tea. Every morning the sun peaks in to your window and you can witness the sunrise over the Himalayas. Around the village of Kaskikot are beautiful hiking trails. Before the school starts at 10 am you can stretch your legs and go for a nice hike. Or maybe you feel like paragliding for a change? The starting point for paragliding is only 2 km away!

How to apply?

If you are thinking about volunteering in Kaskikot, do not hesitate to apply here. We look forward to your application!