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Teej celebration at the Women center

Teej, one of the main festivals for all the Hindu women center in Nepal and North India, usually falls in the full moon day on the month of September. Teej, or Haritalika Teej welcomes the monsoon season. Girls and women celebrate with songs, dancing and prayer rituals. This festival is dedicated to the Goddess Parvati and her union with Hindu’s main god, Lord Shiva.

Yesterday, our women of the Women’s center celebrated Teej at the center. They got together and cooked “dar” that includes rice pudding, meat and delicious varieties of foods. Our volunteer Niki from Poland was also at the ceremony. She dressed in a beautiful sari and jewelry! Other volunteers also visited the Teej celebration.

How do they celebrate?

Women get together and have delicious foods, called “dar” two weeks before the festival. The women dressed in red, yellow or green sari and jewelry. They apply Mehendi on their hands. They dance and sing Teej songs and worship the God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On the day of the festival they pray, dance, sing, but do not drink a single drop of water and have a fast for the whole day. They fast for the longevity and good health of their husband and children. Teej celebrates the victory of a wife’s love and devotion towards her husband. The festival also provides an opportunity for married women to visit their parents and renew family bonds.

Volunteers at the Teej celebration

Women along with our volunteers, enjoyed the Teej program organized at the women center. Volunteer Michelle from Poland has been volunteering at the women’s center and the Talent school. She enjoyed the Teej celebration a lot! Along with Michelle we had three more volunteers who got an opportunity to celebrate the festival. Volunteers enjoyed the food and danced with the women. Michelle said, “I felt very happy to wear a beautiful sari and it was my first time to wear such an unique dress. I love to spend my time with the lovely ladies at the center. I also like the food, they prepared! It was very tasty. I feel lucky have the opportunity to celebrate this beautiful Teej festival with such beautiful people.”

Festivals and Volunteers

We celebrate every festival at the different projects and host families together. The VSN team always focuses to provide not just a placement for volunteering experiences but also offer different opportunities to experience new Nepali culture, festivals and tradition. Feel free to contact us.