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Teaching volunteer experience

We understand that education is a significant step toward empowering people and communities, so our teaching volunteer experience program works to teach English, Mathematics, and practical skills. Yet another volunteer to sign up with Volunteer Society Nepal is a young lady of 23 years from the Netherlands. Her name is Ms Karijn Bakker, a student of Creative Business in the capital city, Amsterdam with a very keen in making social changes through various designs in the field related to mental health and climate change. She also feels very much interested in uplifting the status of women in the society by empowering them in some ways or the other. This being the instrumental reason, she opted to work with women in the Women Center Nepal in Kathmandu. Furthermore, another field of interest of her is to learn something about Buddhism and Yoga.

She will be in Kathmandu working with women for the first phase of her volunteering whereas in the second phase she will work in a monastery in Pokhara where she will teach English to the monks undergoing training on Buddhist philosophy. She will avail ample of opportunities to fulfill her objectives of visiting Nepal as a volunteer.

Women Empowerment Volunteer program in Nepal, for all those passionate people who are enthusiastic to travel to this Himalayan residence and contribute towards the lives of underprivileged women. As a volunteer for the women empowerment volunteer program, you will mostly be working with young women and homemakers living in a village close to the capital city. You will have the option to choose – whether you wish to work with the young adults (high school and college students) or with the homemakers.

As a volunteer teaching English or Teaching in a Buddhist monastery to Buddhist monks in Nepal, you can enormously benefit their learning and language development. As a result, by working with international volunteers the monks can vastly improve their communication and pronunciation skills to a new level.

Live in a Nepalese Buddhist monastery teaching English to monks and learning about their way of life. It is a very unique, life-affirming opportunity, you should not miss.