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Teaching in women centre and monastery

Volunteer Society Nepal understands that women’s empowerment is a significant step towards empowering families and communities, so our education program works to teach languages, mathematics, and practical skills to women in Kathmandu. Having a clear mindset would help anyone make decisions in an easy and comfortable manner. 25 years old Miss Cecilia Bruno from Italy was very clear about what she wanted to do from the very beginning. She has a huge passion for travelling and visiting different places thereby acquiring information about new culture and people.
She is a university graduate in Social Work. Obviously, she has more inclination toward social work. More than that she has a pious and pure heart for helping the people in need with the knowledge and experience she gained while studying. So decided to contribute her services to Nepal by joining Volunteer Society Nepal’s international volunteer programme.

After signing up for 4 weeks with Volunteer Society Nepal to work as a volunteer in Nepal, she arrived in Nepal with so much excitement and determination to achieve her target. She is undergoing initial orientation, after completing which she will be placed in Women’s Center Nepal – run by Volunteer Society Nepal located in Kathmandu. She will teach English to poor women under vocational training. Her second placement is at the monastery in Pokhara in the last two weeks. She will help the monks there to learn English and also learn about Buddhism.