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Teaching experience in the monastery

Nathan and Aidan had always been interested in Buddhism and the idea of finding inner peace through teaching, meditation and helping others. So, when they heard about the opportunity to volunteer at a Buddhist monastery in their community, they jumped at the chance. As they arrived at the monastery, they were greeted by the friendly monks who showed them around and explained the daily routine. Each morning, the monks would wake up early to begin their chores and responsibilities for the day. Nathan and Aidan were assigned to help with teaching English and science to little Buddhist monks, where they taught about the different types of science experiments.

Nathan and Aidan also had the opportunity to talk with the monks and learn about their way of life. The monks taught them about the importance of compassion and mindfulness in Buddhism, and how these principles could be applied to their own lives. In the evenings, Nathan and Aidan participated in group puja sessions with the monks. They learned about the different techniques and philosophies of meditation, and how it could help them to find inner peace and clarity. Throughout their time at the monastery, Nathan and Aidan were struck by the kindness and generosity of the monks. Nathan and Aidan were inspired by the monks’ selflessness and vowed to incorporate these values into their own lives.

As their time at the monastery came to an end, Nathan and Aidan were sad to leave but grateful for the experience. They returned home with a newfound appreciation for Buddhism and the lessons they had learned from the monks. They knew that they would carry these lessons with them always, and were already planning their next trip to the monastery.