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Teaching experience in Nepal

One of the volunteers, Sara Bellini from Italy who came through Voluntary Service Nepal – VSN for a six-week volunteer tenure had a wonderful time enriching not just out knowledge but getting introduced to herself internally
She decided to undertake this volunteer experience because she has a strong belief in the power of kindness and in the beauty of sharing. She is of the opinion that the world can be changed through small gestures and likes to look for what unites the things that apparently differ from one another in a world that often tends to divide.
She was initially placed in the Women Center project because she would love the women to become more independent and aware of the possibilities and abilities they have. She also hopes that through mindfulness sessions they will acquire a higher level of awareness of their feelings and desires, dedicating this time together to themselves and their well-being. During her second phase of the volunteering period, she worked with monks in a Buddhist Monastery. As a volunteer teaching English or Teaching in a Buddhist monastery to Buddhist monks in Nepal, you can enormously benefit their learning and language development. As a result, by working with international volunteers the monks can vastly improve their communication and pronunciation skills to a new level.

At the surficial level, it appears that Volunteers devote their time, energy and knowledge to others, but the truth is they are the ones who receive back the most from the people they work and interact with. They open the door of their homes to welcome and host volunteers with a smile on their faces, show them around their cities and even the strangers smile at the volunteers while walking down the street.
In conclusion, the volunteers will go back home with a deeper vision of not only the culture and people they encountered during their experience but also a more profound understanding and perception of ourselves. Sara certainly felt this way.