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Teach to women and little monks

Volunteer Society Nepal has been the right place for the foreign students to apply and pertinently utilize their GAP Period in their academic schedule. Many such volunteers wishing to use the gap productively signed up with Volunteer Society Nepal to work as volunteers in Nepal in different sectors.

Miss Linda Scarabelli, a language student from Italy with a profound interest in Yoga, Buddhist Philosophy and mediation made the right choice to come to Nepal through Volunteer Society Nepal to work as a volunteer for eight weeks as Nepal is the origin of Buddhism and Yoga is practiced in almost every house here. She also has an interest of knowing and learning about the eastern culture and helping women in general. Nepal is an ideal place for her to fulfil her wishes.

Miss Linda was placed in the Women Center Nepal initially to help women learn English and other activities. She enjoyed working with the women. Towards the later part, she is placed in a monastery in Pokhara where learnt about Yoga, Buddhist Philosophy and mediation besides teaching the English language to the young monks of the monastery. In overall, her Nepal visit is very productive in terms of not only doing things of her interest but learning about Buddhist Philosophy mediation and Yoga as well.

Educate the Women

Volunteer Society Nepal understands that women empowerment is an important step towards empowering families and communities, so our education program works to teach languages, mathematics, and practical skills to women in Kathmandu. Due to a lack of awareness and access to quality education in Nepal, gender discrimination is a major problem that is fueled by long-held superstitious beliefs and political leaders’ decreased political vision. The socio-economic status of women in Nepal is very poor; the women are discriminated against in every aspect of society including health, education, participation, income generation, decision making, access to policymaking, and human rights.

What does teaching in monastery volunteer do?

Teaching in monastery volunteer placements can teach English, Math, creative and fun activities or sports to the monks for around 3-4 hours per day. Even if you are less experienced, we have teaching materials that help you when needed. In turn, the monks share their knowledge and culture with the volunteers. If you ask the monks, you can get the chance to learn meditation techniques and receive in-depth knowledge of the Buddhist culture. This is one of our most popular volunteering posts, due to the unique way it allows you to truly be involved in the life of a Buddhist monastery.