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Volunteer Experience: Working in Construction

The CBIA is one of the schools that is started and supported by Volunteer Society Nepal. It has been providing qualitative education to all its students. The school has a well-developed infrastructure with basic classrooms. Due to the increasing number of students, CBIA has been in shortage of classrooms. Due to this reason, CBIA has been undergoing construction to build more classrooms. The construction includes the building of two more classrooms and expanding the stage for the morning assembly. The construction has been started and is set to complete soon.

Two Volunteers with Skills in Architecture

Volunteering is a passion for many. When you volunteer you can share your ideas and in return you can collect some of the best experiences of their life. Helping in construction is always fun. But when one is an architect student, it is even more fun and suitable to help and share skills. Volunteer Luciana is an architect. She has come from Hong Kong and she has been helping with the building of the new classrooms. Her friend Sebastian assists her. He came all the way from the Philippines. They have been helping by removing the layer of the bricks from the site. They have also helped with the construction of the wall by plastering the walls.  Luciana and Sebastian have been working for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

Why Come to Nepal?

This is how Luciana describes her motive of visiting Nepal and her stay in Nepal.
“Being an architecture, I have always been passionate in helping the underprivileged people. I also believe in helping people with sustainable projects. I was fascinated by Nepal and always wanted to visit and help. In 2015, I planned to visit Nepal, but due to the devastating earthquake I had to postpone my plans. So I visited Sri-Lanka that year. I helped in the construction of one of the schools there. I helped in the construction of a toilet for boys and painted the walls of the girl’s toilet. The smiles and feeling of thankfulness I received from the people really satisfied me. So then I thought of helping more.

Finally I visited Nepal this year. I am here for 2 weeks only. I visited different places in the valley for 3 days before joining Volunteer Society Nepal. It was really fun to arrive here. I can see a lot of natural scenery and the beauty of Nepal. Before coming to Nepal, I was always worried about the food, but to my astonishment, the food cooked by my Nepali host family is really delicious! Everyone in my host family is very friendly, cheerful and helpful at the same time”.

Helping in Construction: Challenges and Joys

“Helping in construction is not an easy task in the beginning. It was something new that I was doing for the first time. It took us a while to learn how to do the work. I never felt bored and tired. We play basketball with some school kids and then get back to our work. There are many children who want to play with us, so it is always fun”.

How to Apply

Construction works are occasional but if you contact Volunteer Society Nepal and mention the wish to help in construction, then there is always something you can do. Several volunteers have helped us in the construction of the school and the women center. They did painting and a lot of other manual work. The women center is also to be further constructed soon. So if you have a plan to visit Nepal and volunteer, you can visit this page and apply here.

Volunteer Experience: Working in Construction