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The Story of Rita: For the Love of her Son

The story of Rita: “I am Rita Karki and I am from Kathmandu. Early in the morning, I get up and go for my job as a cleaning lady. I rarely manage to have enough time to take care of my son, Bipin. My son is quite young and he studies in the fourth grade. There are only the two of us, me and my son, so it’s just me who has to take care of him. But because of my busy schedule I have to leave him alone sometimes. I often regret myself for not being able to take care of him, I really love him so much! But the fact is that I really have to work hard to make our living. Living in such an expensive city is really difficult if I don’t work hard every day. Going to school was out of my reach during my childhood, so I am illiterate and I cannot help my son in his studies. I really want my son to get educated well. So, I have been working hard every day to be able to send him to school.

My son Bipin is a student of Career Building International Academy, a project of Volunteer Society Nepal. I do not have to pay the full fee and I am happy for that. Bipin studies in fourth grade, but he is weak in his studies. I am unable to help him, and he is facing problems at school. Sometimes I had to leave him alone with the room locked before I go and work. I prepare food for him early morning and leave for my work. Then I come back quickly before he goes to school. I prepare lunch for him and we walk to the school together. In the evening I also have to go to and clean a house. He accompanies me then and we return back home at 8 pm. Sometimes, he stays alone at home and watches television. He does not show much interest and attention in his studies. Earlier, I had to shout at him every time to make him do his homework.

But now I am very happy with the progress of my son. After I came to know about the Talent School, I was very happy for my son. He is now being picked up from school and they walk together to the Talent School. There my son is being assisted in doing his homework and learning. The last half hour there is time to play and have fun. The Talent School has become my son’s favorite place as he can learn and play games with his friends. He has made a lot of friends and he is very happy going to the Talent School.

The Talent School has helped my son to get familiar with the people around him and he has started showing attention to his studies. He was always fond of playing games but since he did not have many friends, he rarely got a chance to play games. Now he plays football with his friends after the completion of his homework. Tuesday is his favorite day in the Talent School as they have extra activities like games, music, dance and taekwondo. They also do different activities such as drawing, lego making and many more things. Friday is always special in the center as they have different fun activities including short trips or different competitions. So far my son has learnt to make muffins and doughnuts and they also made burgers together. I always feel happy when he comes home and shares the things of the Talent School and it really makes me feel proud of him. This way I have been able to see a lot of changes in my son. Last but not least: I would also like to thank the teachers of the Talent School, who have been very loving and caring to my son.

I am just 1 out of many women in Nepal, I raise my son alone and try to stay positive. No matter what obstacles come to my life I have always been very optimistic and worked hard to fight back. I was not fortunate enough to get education, so I have been compelled to work really hard. Getting an official and respected job is something out of my reach. So I have been working as a maid to help my son pursue his dream. But this does not discourage me. I know I am doing all this for the sake of my son and he will be very proud of me one day when he achieves his dream. All I have done so far is only for him and he is the reason for both the smile and tears of mine. I know he does care about me and in the future he will understand my struggles for him. By then I hope he will work even harder to achieve something in his life. I would be the happiest person to see him being able to make his living.”

Rita Karki – Mother of Bipin – Student at The Talent School

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