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Volunteer Experience: Linda at a new museum in Kathmandu

Linda Roggio is a volunteer at our new museum partner project in Kathmandu. She is a cultural professional with a background in Cultural Management. She works for the European Commission. Linda has four years of experience as assistant in communications, press relations and events organization in cultural heritage. In particular with intangible cultural heritage, such as stories and movies. Her experience and pro-activeness make her a perfect fit for the museum.

About the museum

The museum shows the living culture of a local ethnic group. In the heart of Kathmandu, you can stop and visit this traditional house. You can discover the practices of their past as well as their celebrations and festivals. This project is a witness of an alive ethnic group who preserves its roots. At the same time, it shows how people meet and socialize. The museum is working together with local students and is planning to host interesting workshops on the local culture and food habits. The museum has recently started and needs volunteers help with promotion, setting up activities and making the museum itself more attractive. They have asked Volunteer Society Nepal for help.

Why did she join us?

Linda is the first volunteer to come and help the museum. She works together with the staff of the museum to catalogue the artifacts, promote the museum through social media and make programs and attract visitors. She joined Volunteer Society Nepal in order to develop the skills she has learned during her master’s degree. Linda decided that she would like to share her skills at the museum with the local people. At the same time, she can discover the beautiful culture of Nepal. She is wholeheartedly committed to make museum grow together with the staff.

Sharing skills

Linda thinks that museums should work on their power of gathering people around the importance of cultural identity, starting from social daily objects to traditions as well as sense of community. The museum in Kathmandu is a great place to work on this.    

Future volunteers

Thank you Linda for all your help and bringing your skills and knowledge to this place. Linda will only stay for 2 weeks. Therefore, we would love to receive more volunteers who have experience and skills in the area of museology / cultural heritage. For more information please contact us through the details below.