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Volunteer Vacancy: Elderly Homes and Day Care Centers

Elderly homes and day care centers in Nepal are in serious need of help from volunteers. Many centers are offering elderly their basic needs such as health care and food and accommodation. However, there is a lack of knowledge on how to keep these people active and fit, while enjoying their last years. This results in many elderly wasting away in these centers, unable to get out of bed. It would be great if they can still enjoy life with small enjoyable experiences. As a volunteer you can give these people an enjoyable time with easy social activities such as games and walks.

Many elderly in these centers have been thrown out on the streets by their families as they were unable to take care of the person. Some families do not have the money or knowledge to take care of their relative. Elderly are therefore often suffering from various diseases such as memory loss or handicaps. Some families think this is a curse and they can be ashamed of the elderly person.

Day Care Center

In the day care center lonely people come to enjoy activities and friendships together during the day. As their families are poor, they also receive a meal at the center. They only have two local staff to take care of the 72 elderly, which is in terms of health and food. Volunteers can help with health issues of the elderly and there is a lot of need for social activities. For this center we need regular volunteers, nurses and physio/occupational therapists.

Elderly Home

Many people who used to be living on the streets spend their last days here. The 80 year old owner has put his heart and soul in this home. He told us that help would be very much welcomed, as he is getting older and is having a hard time managing the place. Elderly people are just sitting around and not receiving any attention. Some are in their rooms, not able to get up. Although they have food and a roof above their heads these elderly are in desperate need of some forms of activities. They are also in need of a nurse to set up medication rounds to treat those with health problems. Many have physical problems that physio and occupational therapists can help with. We also need general volunteers that have a creative mind and give the elderly some fun activities that brightens up their day.