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Telescope Donation at CBIA School

Last week we brought a real Telescope to the CBIA school. The Telescope was donated by Vera and was in memory of the belated Alan, the son of our previous volunteer Marianne. The goal of this Telescope is to show the kids the stars and teach them a bit about astronomy. We hope that by this they will be inspired to learn more about the stars but also about Science in general.

How two small boys inspired a volunteer

It started all with our volunteer Marianne taking a picture of one art work done by two students. These two students created a beautiful solar system. Marianne send this picture to her friend Vera. She and her husband are Astronomists by hobby and profession. Upon seeing this picture they decided: ‘We are going to donate a telescope to this school’. Luckily Linda was in Amsterdam and Vera and Linda met up and the Telescope was handed over. It took some effort to get the Telescope from Amsterdam to Kathmandu but now it is there!!

Enthusiasm for the Telescope

The teacher and children were very excited to see the Telescope. The teachers learned how to put it together. When is was ready, all teachers and children took a chance to have a closer look at the sky. Even though it is light, it is still very interesting to see!

Volunteer Vacancy

Now all we need is help and dedication from Astronomy and Physics students, teachers or hobbyists from either abroad or Nepal. Together we can learn how to use the telescope and teach all the children. Luckily, we already have one dedicated man, Arnold Tukkers, who is raising money right now to come to Nepal! However, we would need more volunteers!! Please have a look at our vacancy here. If you are interested, please apply and join us for this great cause in Nepal!