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Volunteer Experience: Ageeth at the Elderly Home

Ageeth from the Netherlands came to Nepal for 5 months of volunteering. Now she is in Pokhara, spending her volunteering time at an elderly home.

The Personal Experience of Ageeth

“Yesterday was the last day of my three special weeks as a volunteer at the elderly home home in Pokhara. It was something completely different than teaching in an environment where some English is spoken. The oldest and most moody mister of the elderly home residents says ‘Thank you, good good’, with a Nepali accent. Together, we talk with hands, feet and facial expressions. The resident with one leg has her moody moments… But since I walk with her ‘outside the gate’ she is very happy! I get rewarded with hand kisses (so sweet) and she smiles from ear to ear. She also joins me in my improvised wheelchair dancing class!!

Being Pro-active and Creative Works!

“I do not have knowledge about taking care of the elderly. However, I noticed on the first day that nothing happens at the elderly center outside eating, sleeping and hanging in the sun.” So I started an entertainment program with the help of activity videos from the Netherlands. I played games with a pack of playing cards. For example memory game, markers, origami paper, a ball, etc.”

Walking and Singing Together

“The daily walks in a rickety wheelchair on partly unpaved and flat roads is by far the favorite! The first day I was told that this is not allowed. The second day I say: I am going to walk and I am responsible. And then it was okay. In the afternoon there is the singing of religious songs under rather false musical guidance from the brother of the owner. He sings loudly through the microphone with amplifier. I then also join in with my own songs. Thank you dear residents for making me feel so at home in your beautiful flowery surroundings and the special gratitude you express to me.”