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Gathering new experiences at an age of 69

Volunteering in Nepal all ageThere is no barrier for age group when it comes to volunteering in Nepal. Volunteer Society Nepal(VSN) welcomes volunteers of all age groups wishing to be a part of volunteering in Nepal and bring some revolutionary changes. VSN has its own projects and the volunteers are placed on those projects based on their interests. Recently VSN welcomed 69 years old volunteer Wendy from Chicago, USA. Wendy wishes to help the women and children. She is in Nepal for a week and she will be volunteering at the Women Center. Wendy will also be helping the younger kids of Career Building International Academy at Pepsicola. She is very happy and impressed by the work of VSN in empowering women.

Her opinions about Volunteer Society Nepal

Wendy said “I found the website of VSN really impressive and informative where I could get all the details about its works and its services.” This insisted her to join VSN and volunteer in Nepal. She is very positive towards the works of VSN. Wendy also wants to introduce new ideas about learning English in the Women Center. This will boost all the women in the center to work hard further for their improvements.

About Nepal

She researched a lot about Nepal before making a plan for volunteering in Nepal. She said “I am very impressed by the exceptional culture of Nepal. “ The religious aspect and the hospitality along with the caring nature of Nepalese are the part of her best experience. The way senior love the junior and the way junior respects the senior also adds to the positive aspects of Nepal.

Though, it is not our first experience. We had several volunteers who wished to volunteer even at their retired ages. Their experiences do really mean a lot to us. Their valuable suggestions motivate us to work harder. Further their determination to work even in their retired life also persuades us to work harder. We, the team of VSN are always happy to welcome them and wish more and more elderly volunteers to join us and share their experiences. For more details have a look at our volunteering opportunities.